Hunting Season Slot

Hunting Season is a low-volatility slot game from the game developer Amazing Gaming, and the theme hunting season rather than just hunting. The game takes place indoors, as you enjoy the coziness of the hunting season in an English country house, where the fire is crackling and the rifles are awaiting.

Examples of symbols that can show up on the reels when you play Hunting Season are rifles, patrons, dogs, horns, knives, and a trap.

If you have played the slot Full Throttle in the past, you’ll probably recognize the basic mechanics of Hunting Season because they both utilize the same gameplay model but with different themes.

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hunting season slot


Hunting Season comes with 20 playlines.

The smallest possible line bet is 0.01 credits and the larget one is 1 credit.

Use the arrows just below the reels to adjust your wager settings. If you want to make the largest bet possible, simply click the convenient max bet button.

Autoplay is available.

The hunter – your key to big wins

The most powerful symbol in this game is the rifle-wielding hunter. If five of these symbols line up correctly, you will win a x5,000 coin win, and this event also unlocks the Hunting Season Progressive Jackpot. The current size of the progressive jackpot is always displayed above the reels during the gambling session.

Wild symbol

The green coat of arms is the wild symbol in this game. It can help you form a winning combination by substituting for any of the regular (not specialty) symbols.

Scatter symbol

The wild boar is a scatter symbol, and you need a minimum of three boars – anywhere on the reels – to start the Hunting Season bonus game.

During this bonus game, it is finally time to leave the indoors and head outdoors for some shooting.

Pick your targets wisely, because some are worth a lot and some will put an end to the bonus game.

Trivia: Wild boars

Hunting wild boars

wild boarHumans have hunted wild boars (Sus scrofa) since prehistoric times, and the oldest known surviving depictions of such hunts were made during the Upper Paleolithic, i.e. during the most recent part of the Old Stone Age.

In Medieval Europe, the hunting of wild boar was seen as excellent preparation for battle, and men belonging to the upper echelons of society preferred to hunt boar during the breeding season when the animals would be extra aggressive.

Is the wild boar a social animal?

Fully grown males tend to live alone outside the breeding season, while the females form matriarchal groups comprised of interrelated adult females and their male and female youngsters.

What is the wild boar afraid of?

Throughout most of its range, the scariest thing for a wild boar is an armed human or a grey wolf. In certain parts of Asia, wild boars are instead chiefly hunted by tigers and Komodo dragons.